About Us

At Globex IT Solutions, we do things a bit differently. We believe in the power of a close-knit team, organized and detail-oriented work and a high level of professionalism, always. We know your brand is important to you and we work hard to get you the best results, because your brand is important to us as well.

Our clientele is diverse in industry, business models, products and services, and spans the globe. We service small start-ups, local businesses and major global organizations. Our level of excellence never falters from one client to the next. We stand behind our high-quality services and client relationships.

What Drives Us?

We aspire to assist businesses achieve their goals and deliver tangible results through quantifiable growth. We can help you in a plethora of areas. Some of them include boosting your social media, brand exposure, increasing SERP’s, SEO, content writing, blogger outreach, making major business announcements or creating a new, optimized website. No matter the digital marketing task, Globex IT Solutions is here to help. Our marketing expertise paired with advanced and current technical knowledge helps us to streamline your projects. We work directly with our clients to set targets and meet them. Globex IT Solutions tailor packages for each client that will get positive results- and be delivered on time.

Our Clients

Our top priority first and foremost is our clients. We will work with you to strategize and comprise the best campaign or set of projects to help you attain your marketing and business goals. Whether you are seeking web design and development, SEO and content creation, social media management and building, blogger outreach, product placement and much more, we are available to help you meet your goals. Because of our dedication to service, customer relations and digital strategy, our customers rate us highly.

The Best Client



Startups are our passion. We are your design and development partner, and your accelerator. Our teams in different location on worldwide will work with you to build beautiful, incredible products quickly and cost-efficiently. We got into this business because we love startups.
Big Brands

Big Brands

We think “vendor” is a dirty word; companies hire us to become their partner. Fueled isn’t an ad agency and we don’t build campaign. Instead, we work together with our clients to build compelling products that provide lasting excitement and value to their customers.

Our Work

It is imperative these days to have a solidly constructed online business stratagem to be competitive and relevant. We can help transform creative ideas from our clients into an innovating, interesting and user-friendly experience that is engaging. Our team of professionals have been trained in the best digital marketing practices and stay up-to-date and current on new technology, SEO and optimization, content creation, website and app building, Google algorithms for SERP’s and any relevant education for online marketing and creating brand awareness.

Our Results

At Globex IT Solutions, we are detail-oriented, and results driven. Thus, we can provide our consumers with campaigns and services that are optimized, easy to track, tangible and delivered on time. We work under tight deadlines and are transparent in our dealings, providing active reporting and feedback on a regular basis. We don’t promise overnight results, but we do promise successful ones. No cheating, tricks, black or grey hat techniques are needed or used by us, ever. We pride ourselves on helping you create a unique and eye-catching, trendy and buzzworthy web presence for your business. Your competitors don’t stand a chance!

Contact us today to get started in expanding your brand and reaching a whole new audience to present your service and/or products to!