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    When it comes to web development, you can really go in a lot of directions and it’s good to consider a lot of ideas before you focus on one. However, here at Globex IT Solutions, we have web development specialists who are always focused on creating remarkable websites. Once the brainstorming process gets going, a lot of times clients can lose track of their primary focus, which is never good for the end product. The final goal of any web development agency is to create something that is better than what the competition has to offer, that the users will have a great experience with and most importantly, something that will generate and convert more leads. While offering the best web development services, no matter what we do, we never lose track of these crucial points.


    As the most popular and widely applicable CMS, it had to be at the top of our list. WordPress is a very powerful and easy to maintain content management system which, after the initial design phase, requires little coding to use and manage.

    One of the perks of WordPress are the long list of plugins which can be use to boost its functionalities and make it easier to use. There is also a big community working on themes for WordPress, providing users with off-the-shelf design options for this CMS.

    Most commonly, WordPress is used to create blogs, business websites, podcast websites, websites for educational institutions, Forums, Job Portals and so on but with WordPress, the sky’s the limit.

    WordPress development service
    Magento development service


    If we are talking about Ecommerce web development, the most popular and robust CMS solution for this kind of project is undeniably “Magento.” Globex IT Solutions offer Magento ecommerce website development services at affordable rates.

    Regardless of whether you’re building a new online shop or want to migrate your existing one to Magento, we are more than capable of handling this task. Using this CMS is a bit tricky and our developers are here to help you to keep everything in order and looking crisp.


    A more “out-of-the-box” solution for Ecommerce projects. Still, don’t think that Shopify is in any way lacking as a platform. It’s a great platform for online shops and can be used to sell products and services through multiple channels. It can handle mobile sales, social media, and brick and mortar shops. It’s hosted and can handle sales, inventory, and product management. At Globex IT Solutions, we’ve always focused on being a web development company that values utility.

    Shopify development service
    OpenCart development service


    Another solution for online shop development. OpenCart is an open source ecommerce solution based on PHP. One of the primary advantages of using OpenCart is that it can be easily optimized for several major search engines.

    SEO can get pretty complicated for online shops, as the type of websites need different type of categorizing for a lot of different products. But with OpenCart, we can help you surpass these issues and bring your products closer to your customers.

    Let's Build Something Great Together

    Process of Our Custom Web Development Services

    As a web development company that wants to keep things transparent and involved our clients in the development process, we’d like to talk about the individual steps we take when providing custom website development services:

    Ecommerce Website Development Services

    Ecommerce has been blossoming in recent years and there is no shortage of online shops popping up across the Web. Still, more shops mean more competition! This means that the only way to remain competitive is through top-notch ecommerce website development services. Due to the growth of the ecommerce niche, the entry level quality of this kind of website has risen dramatically. Our ecommerce web development company aims to create solutions that, at the very least meet current standards.

    Of course, going beyond that is the more preferable outcome, since the goal is to outshine the competition, not blend with the masses. Reliability and ease of use are key to ecommerce website development, since the main advantage of online shops boils down to availability and hassle-free purchases. The development process needs to be customer-centric because the shop’s primary purpose is to satisfy the needs of the customers. Through pristine service, any ecommerce website can grow.

    Globex IT Solutions is an experienced ecommerce web development company. We are here to offer solutions for any kind of ecommerce development project and can handle the development on all major ecommerce platforms. We approach ecommerce web development for every client with an open mind and aim to come up with a unique solution for their particular target audience and the product they are attempting to sell.

    Optimal User Experiences On All Devices

    Developing websites has gotten a lot more complicated as users can now access your website through a variety of devices. As a custom website development company, we always keep mobile and tablet user experience in mind. These devices all have different operating systems, screen sizes and have their own particular style of use. Our developers are here to unite your audience, regardless of their device.



    Our web development firm is always mindful of creating an easy-to-use design that displays perfectly on mobile devices. The user interface best practices are quite distinct for mobile and we have a lot of experience in handling these kinds of projects.


    Even though more internet browsing is done through mobile devices, desktops are still the primary devices from which online shoppers make purchases. We can create a distinctive UI for your website without compromising user experience.
    Tablet Icon


    Similar to mobile devices, tablets add another variable to the equation; even more screen sizes. The desired outcome is to create a unified experience across all devices without compromising usability. We keep your brand intact while providing a seamless user experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do you charge for developing a new website from scratch?

    There are no flat rates for our web development services and the rates vary based on many different factors. To get a better idea of how our pricing works, feel free to call us at NUMBER during TIME to TIME.

    What is the process that you follow if I order a website development task?

    After figuring out the most important details that have been mentioned in previous question, we take a few days to develop a very comprehensive and detailed proposal that will lay down all the details pertaining to pricing, scope, process and impact of our web development services.

    How to differentiate a static website from a dynamic one?

    A static website is written in HTML only and each page exists like a separate document which is not connected to any database or other pages. So, in order to edit a page, one has to to into the page and edit the HTML tags.

    However, a dynamic website is one that is written in more complex and difficult codes. As compared to static ones, it can do much more. This website is based on a database and users given access to that can edit any page of the website.

    Why should I hire Globex IT Solutions?

    We believe that a website development and design go side by side, so if a website’s design is not responsive and engaging, it will fail to get a good ranking in SERPs. We are a cult of developers fully aware with prevalent and latest website development tools, techniques and practices.

    Website optimization based coding is the core value that we offer to our customers. Our website development is SEO friendly and thus it gives your brainchild a head-start as compared to other websites.

    Also web design and development practices that we follow ensure that our customers get an easy to handle, customize and edit websites.

    How long does it take to develop a website?

    There cannot be a plain and simple answer to this question. Once we get all the content e.g. textual, images and videos etc. we take roughly 3 to 6 weeks to develop a small scale website with 5 to 10 pages. However, if you need a dynamic website, it may take roughly 2 months depending on content and a lot of other factors. If you acquire our content development services, we can expedite this process.

    Which one to choose: dynamic website or static website?

    In simple words, simple portfolio or business websites do not need a dynamic design, but those that require complex operations like user login and such other details, require a dynamic design.