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We Create Aesthetic & Vibrant Graphics

People are visual creatures, so to fetch their attention, the visual representation of your brand must be on point! That’s the part where we come in! Our mission is to find the simplest solution for the toughest problems our clients encounter. The sheer creativity and positive energy that’s present in our office will help make your brand pop!

Here, at Globex IT Solution, we offer a wide range of graphic design services. Whether it’s your website, your brochure, magazine or a t-shirt, we have the right solution for your brand! We are very analytical, systematic and will deliver vibrant design that’s both aesthetic and functional. Some people compare graphic design to arts, our clients call it magic!

We Are A Professional Graphic Design Company

We Work With Organizations To Craft Immersive Customer Experiences.

We focus on interactive design that’s geared towards your target audience and optimized for optimal user experience. Our designer’s keen eye and mad researching skills will make your website stand out among your competitors.

We don’t fool around with templates and quick solutions, our approach is actionable and custom. We constantly work on staying up-to-date with latest trends and use the freshest software out there.

Among other things, our graphic design services are very affordable! Contact us immediately and let’s discuss the scope of your project, set the parameters, and launch your campaign!



You will receive several designs, each crafted in a different way, yet each retaining the core essence of your company



When you have decided on your concept, you will receive 4-7 versions of the original concept with one working day.


Final Files Delivered

Once you have selected the final design, you will receive the original files (Ai, Psd or HTML) and fonts in a zip file.

Graphics for Business Branding

We at Globex IT Solutions offer both digital and printed graphic design services. Whether you need assistance with your logos, website, social media graphics or your magazine, e-book, posters or a t-shirt, our team of highly-experienced professionals is here to provide you with the best service that you can find!

Your color pallet and your logo will appear throughout the whole marketing campaign. They are considered to be the cornerstone of your campaign, so you should definitely work on this first before initiating the campaign.

By utilizing smart and easy to digest graphic elements, not only will you improve the visual aspects of your website, but also reduce your bounce rate and increase your ROI. Don’t sink into the sea of repetitive designs on the web, contact us and we’ll make your website stand out!

What Are You Waiting For?

Discover how Globex IT Solutions Top graphic design services can bring your brand to life

Why Does Graphic Design Matter?

Graphic design plays a huge role in grabbing your potential customers’ attention, reducing the bounce rate and increasing your return on the investment. People absolutely adore simple and effective solutions that make their everyday activities easier. Vibrant visual elements are very important when it comes to leaving a good first impression, especially in the online world. The internet generation doesn’t like to waste time, so leaving a positive impression immediately is crucial in the online world. Furthermore, creative graphic designs can improve the functionality of your product or website.

Affordable Graphic Design

Above all else, our design services are prompt and cost effective! Now, this doesn’t mean that we sacrifice quality for speed and price, nor that we are the cheapest option out there. What we offer is great quality at highly competitive prices that can be tailored to fir most budgets.

We’ll sit down with you, hear you out, and start making a plan. We try to factor in different things, like how complex your needs are and what you are prepared to spend, and come up with a custom offer.

There is room for negotiation at this stage and clients usually allow us to change a few variables from their initial idea. This way everything can fit a predetermined budget and we can set a realistic deadline.

You’ll find that we charge a reasonable amount for the quality of our designs and the kind of customer service you’ll get when you work with us.



Corporate Graphic Design Service

We pay close attention to the way a corporation is used to communicating with their audience and form the solutions accordingly.



Graphic Design Consultant

Our print and web design specialists are here and ready to tackle your projects and kick-start your campaign. Contact us and we’ll guide you through the whole process and explain all the ins and outs of the craft.

Make Your Business Engaging Along with Being Attractive

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the job take?

It really depends on the project and your urgency. Most of our clients require their work to be done pretty quickly and we can usually accommodate this. Let us know how urgent your project is and we can discuss the deadline accordingly.

Do I get a vector file for my logo?

Yes! We will send you a vector file of your logo.

Will I be involved in the process?

Yes, during the research phase, we will discuss the scope of the project with you and our approach. We also offer revisions so, when you get the chance, let us know your feedback. We also offer consulting services if you are interested.

How many revisions do I get?

Unlike some of our competitors, we offer unlimited revisions. If you’re not satisfied with the material, we will throw it out the window and start over.

Who owns the copyright for the designs you produce?

When you complete the payment, you will reserve all the rights for the design. Of course, we will keep the rights to promote the design and list it as a part of our portfolio.

Do you use templates or clipart?

No! We don’t use any shortcuts. All our design is custom from the very start.

Can I see some of your past work?

Of course! You can review our portfolio page.

Do you print business cards as well?

Yes, we do!