Comprehensive PPC Management Services

In the sea of online marketing opportunities, one can easily lose their way. This is why we at Globex IT Solutions, a renowned SEM company, are here to help you pick the best course possible and achieve the results you always wanted. Our SEM services are custom tailored to help you generate more leads and capture more sales. As a Pay Per Click Management company, we have placed PPC management services at the core of our operations. Pay per click advertising has become overly complex because of the unpredictable dynamics of the online marketing landscape. In order to deliver the results we promise to our clients, we decided to diversify our approach to PPC. Here are the PPC services that have become a standard part of our offer:

Google AdWords Management Services

Globex IT solution is a PPC agency with experience in using the Google Advertising platform. We will assess your business objectives and goals in order to choose the best service Google offers to deliver the best results.

Yahoo and Bing Ad management service

Yahoo! Bing PPC Services

Although significantly less popular than Google, these two networks have several hundred million unique searches per month. We are confident that you will reach your target audience and generate more sales with our help.

Mobile PPC Services

The number of smartphone users increases on a daily basis. All top PPC networks offer mobile ads. We will help tap into the power of mobile advertising and identify the best platform for you.

Mobile PPC management service
Display Advertising management service

Display Ads PPC Services

Advertising via display ads on numerous websites is our specialty. We will handpick high authority websites, design the ads, and publish them to attract more customers to your establishment.

We Design Successful PPC Campaigns

Achieve Higher Conversions

Powerful Retargeting Strategies

PPC platforms have this incredible option – remarketing. With this we will be able to target prospects and leads at specific steps in the customer journey to improve the results. For instance, we can display an ad to someone who viewed your product but didn’t purchase it. Thanks to remarketing, we will not only be able to target a highly specific audience but also deliver a highly specific ad to them.
Lower Your Costs

Lower Your Costs

As a Pay Per Click Management Company, we specializes in increasing the efficiency of PPC advertising strategy. By using advanced options on PPC platforms, we will be able to optimize the cost per click, display your ads only to the relevant audience, and increase conversions. PPC advertising offers numerous opportunities to businesses aiming to make an impact. We will help you lower your marketing costs and achieve incredible results.
Powerful Retargeting Strategies

Achieve Higher Conversions

Boosting the conversion rate is the ultimate goal of many marketing efforts. With PPC advertising, this goal is significantly easier to achieve. Thanks to the full control we have over the budget, cost per click, cost per impression, and specific ad distribution, we are going to be able to increase the conversion rating while maintaining expenses. The success of our Pay Per Click Services relies on ongoing PPC campaign management.

Let Us Help You With Your PPC Account Management!

PPC Performance Reporting

We make sure you don’t have to guess when it comes to your PPC campaigns. Whether it’s campaign changes, new user trends, or new data we find from our testing, it’s important you’re kept updated and involved.

  1. Our team will provide insight into how your search budget is being spent so that you know exactly what you’re getting in return.
  2. Knowledge is power. By knowing what ads and keywords drive conversions for your business you are able to make more qualified decisions.
  3. You will be provided an online dashboard where you will have instant access to all of your important paid search campaign information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t SEM and SEO the same thing?

SEM is a completely different type of online advertising. Where in SEO, the traffic is being generated organically, in SEM, every PPC campaign will require of you to set a budget and every customer you get to your landing page will cost you a predetermined amount.

How to choose the right PPC platform?

Choosing the right platform is not an easy task. The cusses of pay per click services will depend on this choice. This is why we always hear our clients out, assess their online presence and target audience before we recommend the most suitable PPC network for the advertising strategy.

How can I measure the success of SEM efforts?

If a PPC company tells you that you can’t do it, you have to consider finding another partner. Every SEM effort can easily be measured. Some of the metrics include cost per impression and cost per click. All of these can be tracked in real time. PPC advertising provides the most straightforward way of measuring impact.

Why should I outsource SEM activities?

To be successful in SEM, you need a specific skill set, knowledge, and experience. Otherwise, you can easily set up a campaign that can drain your budget in a matter of minutes without generating even one sale. By outsourcing your SEM activities to a renowned PPC company, you will make sure that your campaign is handled by experienced professionals.

Why should I consider SEM in the first place?

Search engines are immensely popular. Beside this, you should also consider the fact that almost half of the Earth’s population is online. SEM gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience in an efficient manner. Display ads and mobile PPC will expand your reach even more and help you increase conversions but also boost your brand image.

How long does it take to see the results?

PPC delivers fast results. Most of our clients can see the results as soon as we launch a PPC campaign. This, of course, depends on the PPC network we have chosen and the keywords we have targeted. In most cases, the optimal results can be achieved within a few weeks to a couple of months.