Bing Ads Campaign Management Services

Bing Ads using cost per click technology is a powerful part of a successful marketing campaign. 6 million ads are viewed monthly via Bing Ads, so the exposure offered is of serious value to any company. Used along with SEO and creative and interesting content on your website, you will increase your lead and sale conversion. You will also grow your web traffic and improve your search ranking on other major search engines.

Globex IT Solutions is highly experienced in managing the most successful and superior digital marketing campaigns in a variety of business types. We have a team of quality, trained professionals that have detailed knowledge in all phases of Bing Ads. Some of these include search ads, shopping ads and more. We also are experienced in using image and sitelink extensions to convert your consumers over your competitors.

Bing Search Ads

Bing has proven itself as the leader in the realm of search engines. Bing, like most major search engines, utilizes algorithms to figure out which ads will appear on top of their website and other platforms driven via the Microsoft Network. These algorithms are generated using specific search terms and keywords, budget competitiveness, mobile-readiness and other methods. Your specialist is well-versed in Bing’s tactics and knows which terms to use to drive the most traffic from your ads. Globex IT Solutions will target your key demographic and expand into others that are interested in your products and services. We will leverage your ads, so you stand out over your competitors.

Bing Display Ads

Bing uses the Microsoft Audience Network paired with Bing’s Ad program to run their display ads. The ads are powered through rich media, video and other interactive advertising formats. Millions of ads are actively distributed throughout the web and on various Microsoft platforms. These platforms include Outlook, MSN, Xbox, Windows and Skype, which can offer you a plethora of potential new customers. These ads, when leveraged properly, will increase your company’s visibility on a variety of everyday platforms. Globex IT Solutions will create and develop a vibrant and sensible Bing Display Ads campaign, which will streamline your customer acquisition process. The result will be increased lead generation and traffic to your website that will drive your sales.

Bing Product Ads

As a retailer, you’re consistently competing with other top brands to increase your visibility and bottom line. We actively work with retailers as clients and know how to create and execute successful Bing Product ads that include custom imagery, properly keyworded promotional text, pricing and seller details. These ads are tailored specifically to empower your brand, get your products seen by the masses, and help move your inventory. As part of your campaign management, we will upload the necessary data via the Merchant Center and integrate Bing Product Ads. We can also import your Google Ads campaign.

Bing Remarketing Campaign Management

A remarketing campaign is constructed for you to tap back into customers that have shopped with you previously. The Bing Remarketing campaigns that we develop for you will target your specific market via categorized lists. This process ensures that the right ads are displayed and that they are mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly ad will be seen across a variety of mobile devices, giving you further access to new leads. These campaigns are reasonably priced and with the proper timing and execution, a Bing Remarketing campaign can be a formidable resource in your advertising stratagem.

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Process of Our Bing Ads Management Services

Our year-long experience in the field and dozens of satisfied clients helped us optimize our workflow and fine tune our Bing Process. Our entire process consists of 6 steps:

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At Globex IT Solutions, we have worked with clients of various sizes from around the world to streamline their marketing efforts and rear the most efficacious results from their digital and ad campaigns. Our team consists of high-quality, knowledgeable and trained digital marketing professionals. Our ongoing experiences with our clientele consistently help us in fine-tuning our Bing Ads processes. We consistently tweak and update our procedures so that we may continue to optimize workflows and results. Consider the 6 steps we use for Bing Ads campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I Run my Own Bing Ads Campaign in House?

Of course! However, having a team of experienced professionals will help get you the most effective results, in the shortest time frame possible. You won’t have to go through the trial and error of finding the right way to get the most exposure from your ads. Rely on our experience and current, professional knowledge in this realm to get the best results from your Bing Ads campaign.

Can I Afford a Bing Ads Campaign?

We work with clients of all sizes and positions in business. Marketing and advertising are essential factors in gaining exposure and acquiring new customers for your business. Thus, we will work with you and your current marketing budget to get you the best campaign, at an affordable rate.

Will Bing Ads Really Get Me Results?

At Globex IT Solutions, we are proficient in strategizing and executing successful Bing Ad campaigns for our clients.  We follow an effective bid strategy to ensure your budget is properly set at a number that is competitive. Having a competitive bid means your ads will be positioned high. We will also ensure your ads are mobile-friendly across all devices and keyword relevant for your business. Your results will be tangible and effective for your business’ bottom line.

How Long will a Bing Ads Campaign Take?

We deliver results quickly and efficiently. In a little as one week, we can have a uniquely customized campaign up and running. The intensity and length in the campaign will vary based on customer-specific needs and wants. Length of activating a campaign also depends on the number of requested revisions, delay in communication on the customer’s side etc.

Why do my Campaigns need to be Updated and Optimized?

Bing Ads and algorithms are constantly updated and changed, and they work with many different businesses to run ads. These may include ads from your competitors. Thus, as we monitor your ads and their performance, we can tweak the input as needed to ensure your ads are not getting lost in translation. The goal is for your ads to be seen and interacted with regularly. Without the proper consistent optimization, your ad runs the risk of running flat and receiving little to no visibility.

Is Bing Ads Guaranteed to get me More Leads?

Globex IT Solutions is a renowned Bing Ads agency. This means that we are experts in designing, developing and executing the most successful Bing Ads campaigns for our customers. If you’re ready to stop worrying about how to drive more traffic, convert your current leads, attain more leads and boost your sales, contact us today.