SEO Audit Features?

Making sure your website is performing at its peak ability should be of primary concern for your business. The loss of web traffic and sales that comes with having technical issues, bugs, visibility and ease of use issues with your website is disconcerting. This is especially true if your website ranking isn’t up to par on all the major search engines. The only way to fix these problems is to do a complete audit which will distinguish where each problem lies- and how to resolve it.

What will an Audit do for my Website?

A full quality and performance review of your website includes:

  • Checking for broken or incomplete links
  • Reviewing the indexing status of your web pages
  • A search engine crawl review
  • Review of search terms, keywords and meta tags
  • SEO audits
  • Technical audits
  • A full, comprehensive report explaining the findings on your site
  • A detailed SEO strategy suggestion to keep your site up to date and competitive

Identify Your Website Errors:

  • Search Engine Crawl Errors
  • Mobile Operability, Responsiveness and Compatibility
  • Speed for pages, graphics and video loading
  • Page Indexing
  • Menu and Ease of Navigation
  • URL redirects
  • Creation of sitemaps
  • The age of your domain
  • Analysis and review of external links
  • Duplication of your content and pages online
  • Server error fixes
  • Speed of content delivery
  • Minimizing of JavaScript for efficiency
  • SEO visibility and ranking
  • HTML & CSS errors/issues
  • Keyword density and possible grey hat SEO techniques
  • Meta tagging, keywording and search term data review
  • Social media linking issues
  • Backlink issues
  • Optimized content and URL structure
  • Image and Video Tags
  • And much more!

What are SEO Audit Services?

There are millions of websites available on the internet. The ones that perform the best receive the most traffic and high search engine rankings. These sites do so by keeping their content relevant and fresh, posting regular updates to plugins and players embedded on their sites, and assuring their site is user and mobile-friendly. These updates will also make sure your site is running smoothly with zero to little lagging.

If you are doing all these things to keep your website up to date and find that you are still having issues with your website ranking, little traffic and that your visitors don’t stay on your site, you may be experiencing internal issues with your site that require more than updates and basic IT screening.

Content Review Audits

We examine the content you have on your website to assure its ability to communicate clearly with Google and the other major search engines. We review the date of the content as well as optimization status of keywords and tags. Lastly, we look to see where improvement can be made and follow up with recommendations.

Competitive Audits

We review your competition and their online ranking and compare it against yours. With this information, we compile data on your company and its website as to where advancement can be achieved. We base our recommendations against the metrics from your competitor so that you can see for yourself where your competitors’ performance has peaks and valleys. This gives you a leg up over them in attacking areas where they can improve, which you can utilize through your own services and marketing implementations. You can also find areas with little competition that are available to saturate with your business.

Backlinks Audits

Backlinks are links from other sites that link back to your website. Backlinks are essential to your website’s ranking, so when they are not working properly, you will experience a dip in your web traffic and search ranking. Vast improvement can be made to your SEO ranking by identifying, repairing and removing broken and harmful backlinks. Keeping your backlinks streamlined will ensure that your website is consistently being referenced online- which will grow your online presence, offering overall improvement in your branding and marketing efforts.

Local SEO Audits

Local SEO audits calculate the efficiency of your online marketing tactics and how they reach your local market. As a brick and mortar business, or one that services a targeted location, local SEO is key to reaching your local consumer base. Outside of traditional customer acquisition methods, local SEO offers availability to the online market in your local region. With the wave of digital media, social media and online reviews and searches for services, local SEO strategies offers access to those that are searching for your products and services. Our audit will measure the efficiency of your local SEO practices and offer upgrades and comprehensive reporting on improvement in all areas.

Structured Data Audits

Structured data audits are performed to make sure your website is communicating with the search engines resourcefully. Information about your website should be maximized using keywords, meta tags and search terms. Descriptions should be succinct, but informative using keywords to pique the interest of your target market. Our audits will review your current structured data and update your descriptions online to match your business model and target demographic.

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Our audits are performed by quality assurance professionals with enhanced knowledge on web and digital marketing, as well as SEO. They dedicate the time and energy necessary to conduct a full-scale audit on your website. The analytics you will receive are comprehensive, with actionable detail on how to improve in every area.
We are a trustworthy, international company with many years of experience and a solid team of professional auditors. Your results will be delivered on-time and easy to understand, explaining how to improve in all areas of your site. This is our promise of dedication to each consumer that has an audit of their site executed by us.

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