SEO Consultation Service

SEO Consultation will provide an ongoing, comprehensive set of tactics that will improve your traffic, lead conversion and sales margins. With the proper SEO strategy in place, your business can be more competitive online. We begin by conducting a full assessment of your website and all its pages. We review your current traffic rate, click rate, etc. and devise an SEO strategy to grow and expand your site in all areas.

Your results are easy to understand and review in real time. As an SEO Consulting Company, we pride ourselves on suggesting the best SEO strategies for our clients. Our easy-to-follow strategies assure that you understand each portion of your SEO campaign.

Precise Cost Breakdowns

Before we begin working on your SEO strategy, we will break down the cost for the services that we will be providing. Our SEO consultation services are budget-friendly to work for any sized company. Simply tell us what your budget is so that we can work within the confines of it, or we will give you a cost projection of your campaign. There will be no additional or surprise costs or fees.  We pride ourselves on providing quality, affordable services- with no gimmicks.

Website Auditing

First and foremost, we conduct a thorough audit on your website. The data that we grab will aid us in understanding what areas of your site are most vulnerable. We will review what is working- and what’s not. Our plan of action will cover each page, backlink, keyword, SEO, content and all portions of your site to offer improvement in every area.

If you already have a team that covers your SEO, no worries. We will work side-by-side with your team, providing professional guidance and IT support. Our goal is to comprise the best strategy that will rear you the most positive results and continue to move your website up in the SERP’s.

Customized SEO Strategy Creation

After your audit is complete, our team of experts will compile a solid, customized SEO strategy specifically built for your site. We customize each SEO strategy so that the campaign is specific to your business products, services and needs. This blueprint will be provided to you so that you can review it. The document is comprehensive and goal-oriented so that you can see the markers ahead in the strategy. Your campaign strategy will be updated regularly pinpointing what has been implemented and providing detail on each step of the SEO campaign.

Optimizing Keywords

Keywords and search terms are how your website is found online. The keywords that are associated with your site- in its meta tags and description- are going to be what appear as a response to search engine requests for those terms. Our SEO consulting company will review your audience and their search terms and use our data compilation methods to come up with the best words and search terms that correlate with your website. The result is a higher web ranking for your site and more organic traffic from the search engines.

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