Software Development Services

In today’s fast-paced economy and business landscape, a lot of companies require software solutions as technology development improves results. Quality and rapidly built software products are becoming a standard and Globex IT Solutions understands this need. Our software development services bring innovation, excitement, and fast development time. We always strive to impress our customers with our software products. With our creativity and development capabilities, we are able to deliver innovative solutions that work smoothly and leave users with a smile on their face. Here’s how our software application development company approaches customers and projects.

Software Architecture

Software architecture is the foundation of every development project. We think that it’s essential to consider all the important aspects of a project to create a solid base for the software product. This is how we ensure that the end product meets all the high-quality standards concerning security, performance, and usability.

With our software architecture capabilities, we can recognize potential issues that you can come across in the future, analyze your goals and the structure of the solution required, allowing you to manage changes better and make decisions more easily.

Software Architecture development service
Why Software Architecture Matters

Why Software Architecture Matters?

No software is going to perform as well as it should unless it has a solid foundation.

In this case, the foundation includes proper technical solutions that have been determined through analysis and implemented properly to give great end products.

When a software solution doesn’t have a good foundation, there’s a huge risk of poor adaptability, increased costs, and the time needed to deliver the software to our customers.

Cloud Software Development Services

Our cloud software development services provide everything needed to create databases, applications, architecture services, and virtualization quickly and easily. With cloud software development, your organization can get rid of all of the complex issues when creating and managing application architectures.

A cloud platform application can be used in two ways:

  1. As a public platform for all your clients.
  2. As a private platform where your business can work on its processes.

No matter what the case, a cloud-based application gives many different benefits. It provides constant remote accessibility in real-time, where everyone can use a solution that is up-to-date with all the functionalities.

Cloud Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

Our .Net development team has vast expertise in development and implementation
of .net web development projects to give you a perfect .net experience.

Software Quality Assurance Services

Apart from the fact that we can build various types of software from scratch for different needs, we also perform software quality assurance tests once we’ve finished the product for you. This ensures that our products have the quality and functionality that was promised.

Furthermore, at GlobexITSolutions our software quality assurance service is a separate service that clients can request. With modern methodologies, tools, and our well-established quality assurance process, we can test any software for a fair price and within a reasonable timeframe.

What our quality assurance offers

GlobexITSolutions offers streamlined software audits that look at a product from many different angles such as security, performance, usability, functionality, and code quality.

Once we are done, we’ll create a detailed report where you can see all the issues that we found, how they are harmful to your operations and give you suggestions on how they can be fixed.

Additionally, with your agreement, we can take the necessary steps towards fixing those issues or building a new software that will work better for your company. Having a poor software solution is even worse than not having one, and it’s imperative that you deal with this kind of issue as soon as possible.

Custom Software Development Services For Every Industry

Globex IT Solutions provides a wide range of software development services depending on the industry they are used in. However, the “one size fits all” practice is something that we’ve outgrown and we believe that each business should have a custom-built software solution for their needs.

Why your business needs a custom software solution?

A custom-built software and specifically adjusted to your needs will be able to make the most of all the unique processes that only your business has. It deals with the specific problems you are encountering in your operations and processes, gives solutions to your needs, makes your organization more efficient, and improves workflows. Additionally, our custom software development firm promises you:

  • Better flexibility with software solutions.
  • Improved security and no information loss.
  • Specialized maintenance and custom

Enterprise Software Development Services

One of the industries in which we have a lot of experience working and specialize in are enterprise companies. It’s essential for large organizations to mature digitally, as it allows them to be more productive, increase performance, and organize better on a large scale. We can build custom enterprise software solutions that will help your business evolve and engage your team.

Our Software Development Approach

Globex IT Solutions has perfected its software development processes to deliver high-quality results. We rely on established agile methodologies combined with design thinking.

This is how we make sure that our customers are always within the main focus as the product is being developed. Our customer-focused approach is what we are proud of and what makes our approach different than that of other software developers.

The most commonly used agile method that we use for projects is scrum, as it allows us to come up with innovative designs and solutions while on the go. This approach gives us a great overview of the development process but at the same time, it gives us the necessary flexibility to make the right changes after new crucial factors have been revealed.

This is also a perfect option for our partners that hire our software development services, as they can manage the development process as well and give us their input. Our software development company has worked in different industries and with different clients.

Compatible Programming Solutions

Now that you know which industries we can provide custom software to, let’s see which type of software we can provide throughout all those industries based on their specific needs and processes.


Web Applications

The web applications we build work perfectly on all the required web browsers while delivering a great layout with a nice UX and adaptation to mobile devices.

Desktop Applications

Our custom desktop application services can be Linux, Mac, or Windows based. Additionally, we can build even cross-platform applications for you to work offline.

Big Data Software

Today, organizations are no longer driven with intuition. All businesses need big data software solutions that can give real and actionable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is custom software development more expensive?

Generally speaking, yes. With custom-built software solutions, you will only get those functionalities that you actually need, where off-the-shelf-solutions have many things you will never use. As customer software is your dedicated product that only your organization will use, it costs more.

Additionally, building a custom software is more complex and requires more work and this is why the price is higher.

Can you give me a cost estimate?

Of course. Once you give us the necessary information about the project you have in mind, our technical team will assess the requirements and the time needed to complete it. After this is done, we’ll give you a free cost estimate. However, if the project is so large and complex that it takes over a week to analyze it, you might be obligated to pay for the estimate.

Why should I hire your services?

The testimonials of our previous customers speak for themselves. With our transparent approach throughout all workflows, protocols, methodologies, and knowledge that we bring to each project, every customer leaves with a smile on their face.

We aim to deliver quality solutions with a professional attitude towards our customers and our solutions last for a long time. This is what customers recognize and why they give us their utmost trust.

How long will it take for you to start a project?

Depending on the scale and complexity of a project, we can start working on it from 1 to 3 weeks. We don’t like to deceive our clients with promises of an immediate start, which are unrealistic.

Every project requires careful assessment of technologies, business needs, and the project organization methods that need to be used for it to succeed. It’s better to set everything properly so that the project can be successfully finished rather than ending up with a poor product.

How long, on average, do you need to finish a project?

With software development, it’s not that easy to say how long a project will last, especially when we don’t know what the project is about. Feel free to contact us and tell us at least the basics about a project and we can give you a closer time estimate.

In general, projects can last from a month to a year because there are so many factors involved, such as the technology used, the scale of the project, and its complexity.

How do I know that you can really achieve the results you promise?

To be honest, a lot of developers promise that they can deliver custom software but not every developer is a software development company with the knowledge to do it. From an expertise standpoint, custom software development is more difficult and it requires advanced knowledge and a team that has experience with this kind of project.

Rather than promising you that we are those people, feel free to look at our testimonials and see what our previous clients have said about the work we do.

Is the information about my project and company confidential?

For all our clients that are worried about the information related to their project, we can sign an NDA agreement that applies to both parties. On top of that, we will also use the same type of non-disclosure agreement between our organization and our employees.

Our employees are trained about the importance of confidentiality and we cherish it as part of our company culture, this is how we always keep all the information secure.

Do you do code reviews?

Our development process involves frequent code reviews from one peer to another. It’s essential to check the work that has been done so far and find mistakes that can be fixed once they are small and insignificant.

If not, the whole project could end up going to waste and the product will have poor quality. Additionally, we always perform software quality assurance at the end of each product, and this includes checking the quality of the code as well.