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Web design agency based in New York with one goal in mind – helping businesses create the best multimedia internet experience for your customers and visitors. Our main keyword is quality and everything we do revolves around creating a unique approach to your audience and promoting your business in the best way possible. You’ll need help to adapt to the ever-changing environment that is digital advertising and we know that with our web design services we can achieve just that! Let’s create the narrative of your business, let’s create a strategy for your business and a journey for your customers.

Web Design For Startups

A well-optimized website is a necessity when it comes to startups. It will help your name reach your audience, inform your potential customers of how you can improve their lives and make it that much easier for them to find you and contact you.

We understand the importance of money, especially in the startup atmosphere, where every dollar counts and must be accounted for.

We are experienced and prepared to offer you a solution that will cover all your needs, and our affordable web design services will provide you with a website that is SEO optimized, responsive, practical, yet stunning and aesthetically pleasing.

Web Design Services for Startups
Web Design Services for non profits

Web Design for Non-Profits

Designing a great internet presentation for a non-profit organization has its own set of difficulties and we are just the team to overcome them.

We can help you raise awareness of your purpose, evoke an emotional response from your visitors, and create a website that is designed to accommodate any call to action that your organization inspires.

You just need to show us how you imagine the journey of your visitors and we’ll do the rest.

Web Design For Education

Like any other website, educational institutions need to use their online presence to attract potential students, their parents, as well as potential supporters, to further spread your brand’s influence.

Having trouble with the visibility in the market? You think your strategy is missing the mark? Not enough action is happening on your current website? We can help with all of that; and more.

Web Design Services for educational institutes
Web Design Services for enterprises

Web Design For Enterprises

Our professional website design services specialize in enterprise websites and focus on lead generation and client acquisition. With strong visuals and a clear message, your website will play the essential role of conveying your purpose to your audience.

With unique content, your visitors will be engaged from the first time they open your website page. Present your work and previous satisfied clients in a way that doesn’t distract from the main purpose of your website.

Ecommerce Web Design Services

A good ecommerce website is a foundation for a business that relies on online retail. We understand this and offer personalized solutions that will cover all you need. A perfect experience for your buyers, and an easy-to-use shopping interface that will allow you all the customization that your business requires.

Once we establish your needs, we will create an offer that will match your business’ unique needs. Be it on mobile, tablet or desktop – your visitors will be able to enjoy all the features your shop has to offer.

Web Design Services for ecommerce
Web Design Services for b2b

B2B & B2C Web Design

Regardless of whether you are trying to have a website designed in a B2C or B2B environment, we have you covered. We are aware of all the unique things that make the difference between those two. We understand that the purchase process of B2C is much simpler and revolves around making the experience as interesting as possible for your customer.

In a B2B environment, a decision is not made by a single individual, so the emphasis on facts and information is paramount. We are aware of that and will use it to approach your desired goal carefully.

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Monthly Website Management

We do all these, while you can focus on your business


We Write

We will create the whole Content Calendar for your website as well as create high-quality content as a part of a bigger strategy

We Code

We will ensure that the layout and navigation use natural flow and are most convenient for your users.

We Secure

We will ensure that your website is secure, and that any information exchange is done according to the industry standards

We Optimize

We will optimize all content to ensure that the website is as small as possible to increase delivery and open speed

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission is to provide you with our knowledge, experience, and expertise to create an engaging digital experience not only for your business but for your customers as well. Our methods are evolving, alongside the best practices online, and we are constantly striving to achieve greatness. We use traditional and proven methods to achieve modern results that will be appropriate for the digital environment most businesses exist in. Our team is dedicated to quality, and our services are adjusted accordingly. Our focus on the journey is extremely important, as it allows us to stay ahead of our competition and offer services that will maximize your business’s impact.

Our Core Web Design Features

We aim at enhancing your website's functionality by focusing on these core features

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Custom Web Design Services

You need a website that looks good, keeps visitors engaged, is easy to use, and above everything – can generate leads for your business. We understand why template solutions are not good. Therefore, our approach includes creating uniquely tailored solutions that will encompass all the aspects and goals of your business plan. You are the center of our process, and we will create a website that will execute perfectly on all devices and offer an excellent customer experience for your visitors.
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Responsive Web Design Services

Aesthetically pleasing websites are designed to catch the eye and keep your visitors browsing. This approach allows us to create unique solutions that will make your business stand out, and your customers will certainly notice the effort. On the other hand, we are aware that all of this must be done within a reasonable budget and time schedule, both of which are important for you and your business. That’s why all our solutions can be scaled to your needs and to the prices you can afford.

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More Design Services


Print Design

You need a graphical solution prepared before actually printing it? We’ve got you covered. We can create designs in digital form ready to be printed out on paper, cardboard, plastic or any other material that you require.

Social Media Graphics

Social media require a special approach and content you share there needs to be specially prepared. You only have a few seconds to attract the attention of your visitors, and we will make those seconds count.

Business Branding

You need ideas about your Logo or the overall feel of your brand? No matter how big or small your business is, with our design services, we will ensure that your brand follows a standardized protocol when creating new content.

Package Design

We anticipate what the end-users need and create design solutions based on that. In today’s world, not only should your product be top grade, but packaging as well. It needs to follow industry standards of practicality but also attract positive attention.

Video Production

You need an infomercial for your customers or your company employees? We can help with that too. Video marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and it can give a voice to any brand; it’s up to us to transfer your brand into a video environment.

Magazine and Books Design

Do you have a book ready to be published? Do you need an extremely attractive magazine cover for your monthly publication? We can prepare creative solutions with stunning visuals to perfectly blend what your business represents and what your customers need.

What Are You Waiting For?

Ready To Get Started for Challenging Future and Creating Era!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for web designing services?

Web design is a very important part of web development and this involves different design tools that experts use for graphic designing jobs. There are no flat rates that we can tell you and the charges depend a lot on the graphic design detail that you require, the sort of tools and expertise required in preparing website UI and UX and the time required in all the process.

What is the process required from order to complete design?

This depends whether you already have some design and graphics work to share with us or you totally depend on our web design skills. We arrange a meeting after you call us at the time of placing the order and we take care of taking notes of how you want to be designed each and every page of your website.

Then once we are done with it, we show you the mockups and if you are pleased with it, we submit the final design or we perform required changes and then deliver the work.

What is the UI and UX?

UI and UX are web design related terms which respectively mean User Interface and User Experience. The first one deals with how easily a user interacts with the website, navigation and its design etc. and the user experience is all about enhancing user satisfaction by improved usability and efficiency of design.

How long does it take to design a website?

Since website design is both: a technical as well as creative job, it takes time because your visitors will not forgive a sloppy design. Considering required tools and expertise it can take from one week to more than two weeks to fully design the website.

Mostly the time required to perfectly design a website depend on factors like size of website, complexity of required design, tools required for that design, in-house or freelance expertise required for the job, advanced features that a customer may demand, client’s availability to brainstorm design related issues and constant feedback on each step.

Why should we hire Globex IT Solutions?

Unlike some design outlets that simply give up when you demand work done from a particular tool, the design experts at Globex IT Solutions know their way around all web design and graphic design tools – CoralDraw, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you call it, we’ve done it.

Also, what makes us the best choice is our skill to prepare a web design that is mobile responsive and easy to navigate through. The responsive images and full screen background videos that our graphics and video experts make, help you to reach better search engine rankings.

With creative illustrations and royalty free product images and whatnot, we are capable and ready to turn your new website into a monster that will beat competitors 6 days to Sunday.

Which one to choose: dynamic website or static website?

In simple words, simple portfolio or business websites do not need a dynamic design, but those that require complex operations like user login and such other details, require a dynamic design.