The 4-Point Content Marketing System

Our years in content and digital marketing have taught us how to structure and run successful campaigns. Whether your business is big or small, new or old, we can help. We have developed a four-point system in building the perfect content marketing program. The key to the campaigns we create and execute at Globex is to drive sales and traffic directly to your website. This is done by utilizing new content, backlinks and redirects, SEO and other digital marketing methods. You will build and maintain your customer relations and expand beyond your current reach. So, how do we do it?

1. Devise A Solid Content Plan With Our Client

Our content marketing plans are exclusively tailored to your business. Thus, we need to learn about your business and your customers. We will conduct research to gain further insight into your audience and the markets you are looking to target so that we can comprise the perfect campaign to gain you leads, more web traffic, sales, higher conversion rates and the best SEO and search engine rankings.

2. Begin To Develop Unique, Fresh Content

We understand the methodology behind capturing the attention of your prospects. We know that videos, pictures and certain text and keywords will pique their curiosity. We will create posts and content that is driven by interactive quizzes, marketing research, videos, blogs, visual boards and more. This type of content drives a powerful influx of visitors to your site.

3. Content Distribution Strategy

Beyond distributing your content on your website, we will use various platforms and co-branding opportunities to get your content out to the world. Social media will be a major platform for distributing much of your content, but influencers, bloggers and guest blogging opportunities will also aid in the success of your campaign.

4. Tangible Reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting on your content and content marketing tactics. We are consistently reviewing and analyzing your site to ensure the best content marketing concepts are in place. The idea is so stay in tune with your business model, while expanding to reach various other markets. If you have any questions or suggestions based on your report, we are here to listen and execute to your liking.

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