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If you are a business with an e-commerce website, you should know that the competition is tough- and growing consistently. More and more, brick-and-mortar locations are realizing the value of having an e-commerce site. Often, these companies opt for e-commerce business practices in lieu of a store or business location. This is to avoid overhead, and other costs associated with owning and maintaining a physical business.

With the growth of technology- including block chain technology for tracking orders and drop shipping, e-commerce sites are popping up daily. It’s important that you realize the value in maximizing the potential in reaching your online market, which offers exposure nationally and internationally. Whether your e-commerce site is your main point of sale or you have a brick-and-mortar store as well, E-commerce SEO services are a must.

Why my E-Commerce Website need SEO?

To be an effective business online, you must be competitive. In this age of digital media and online marketing, traditional methods of marketing and advertising are no longer as effective. To reach your target market, expand and grow your business, you must reach your consumers through the internet. SEO tactics use data and analytics to tap into your market, widen your exposure online and bring a regular influx of traffic to your website. The end results? More leads- and more sales overall. Your search engine ranking will also improve, which will gain you more visibility online.

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An effective SEO strategy will not just offer more visibility to your business. Our SEO campaigns ensure that your SEO and web content is up to date, fresh, informative and using trending and popular search terms and keywords to reach your consumers. We can increase your reach online, gain you a larger consumer base and increase your online ranking because of our in-depth E-commerce SEO tactics.

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How does Globex Tackle E-Commerce SEO?

Keyword Data Building

Keyword Data Building

We begin your SEO campaign by analyzing the most effective keywords and search terms that should be used to drive traffic to your site. This is done by doing more than just reviewing your company. We review your target market and their likes and dislikes.
Review Of Site Structure & Performance

Review of Site Structure & Performance

For the best results, you need the best website. It should be structurally sound, easy to navigate and be simple to locate online. We will conduct a deep review of your website structure page by page and provide you with the necessary implementations to improve it and maximize its potential.


Backlinks are a necessary part of healthy SEO and online visibility. Backlinks are links from other websites that link back to your site. They drive a huge amount of traffic and improve your search ranking.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Just as important as the products and services that you offer online are how they are described is the visual appeal and verbiage used on your website. We will review the efficiency of your content and use our SEO strategies to provide fresh content that will drive more traffic to your website.
Meta Tagging Review And Optimization

Meta Tagging Review and Optimization

Meta tags are an important part of identifying your website, its ranking and distributing traffic to your site. Meta tags are key words that are associated with your site and correlate with search terms that leads use to find your services and products.
Experienced, Quality-Driven SEO Professionals

Experienced, Quality-Driven SEO Professionals

Globex is world renowned for thoroughness, efficiency and customer service. We are a results-driven corporation that focuses on tailoring the best SEO campaigns and digital strategies for our clients. You can rest easy knowing your E-commerce SEO campaign is being handled by a seasoned professional.

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