Technical Audit Service

Identify Your Web Errors, Broken and Non-working Links, Bugs and Get Recommended Fixes

    Website Technical Auditing Service

    Technical audits for websites are a great tool for analyzing your website, finding and correcting errors and optimizing its content.  The technical audits conducted by Globex allow us to complete an in-depth analysis on how all the components on your site are working. The audit will also identify errors, issues, broken and non-working links and bugs and provide the fixes.

    What will an Audit do for my Website?

    If you’re not sure if your website is operating at peak performance, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is my site properly optimized?
    • Is my content fresh, informative and relevant?
    • Have I run checks on my backlinks?
    • Are all my URL’s working properly?
    • How are my SERP’s?
    • Are my meta tags optimized?
    • Are search terms and keywords efficiently driving traffic?
    • How is the search engine ranking for my website?

    What does a full Technical Audit Encompass?

    Globex technical and SEO auditors are experts with years of professional experience in the digital marketing field. Each full technical audit will include the following components:

    • SEO Scoring and Ranking
    • A Thorough Analysis of Each Page
    • Identification and Correction of HTML Errors
    • Page Indexing via your Domain
    • Content Analyzation and Recommendations
    • Evaluation of Meta Titles and Descriptions
    • Identifying of Server, HTML, Page Denied and Soft Errors
    • Assure your Site is Search Engine-Friendly and Crawlable
    • Assure your Website is Mobile-Friendly
    • Thorough Analysis of Crawl Access and Errors
    • Backlink Functionality and Error Assessment
    • Check for Duplicate Content
    • Optimize Images and Videos with Tags
    • Review Word, Image and Video Count per Page
    • Locate and Remove Unnecessary Pages
    • Check for Redirects
    • And more!

    Why Your Website's Need Technical Audit?

    Your website is a major investment in your business. Without the proper care and consistent performance analysis, you are at a vast disadvantage for keeping up with your competitors and being easily located by potential customers. Thus, you want to maintain the upkeep of your website through maintenance and review. This is not a process you want to trust to amateurs. Globex Is experienced in working with small to major Fortune 500 companies. We are equipped with in house auditors, SEO experts, writers and digital media professionals to complete your audit and deliver your results on time.

    Comprehensive Audits Reports

    Besides the review of your site overall, we will provide you with a comprehensive report and detailed information on our recommendations. Our many years of experience have set a bar of excellence that we strive to hit- and exceed- for each client. You can put your trust in us and know that we will deliver with quality and precision.

    Results-Driven Recommendations

    Globex is proud of building and maintaining a trustworthy reputation and longevity in the digital marketing world. We provide the best SEO tactics and campaigns for our clients. We ensure that each aspect of the campaigns we comprise are results-driven and transparent in nature. We promise that you will be clear on all details each step of the way as we execute your web audit or SEO campaign.

    Affordable Rates

    Our rates are affordable, and we promise to deliver your audit on time. If you’re interested in having a technical audit conducted on your website, simply fill out our easy-to-fill web form with your inquiry. We will perform a brief assessment of your website and get back to you to discuss the next steps in auditing your site and maximizing its potential. Contact us today to get started!

    What Will You Get?

    When you choose to work with Globex, you will always receive:

    • High-Quality, Professionally Run SEO Campaigns
    • Services Customized for your Business Model
    • Seasoned Professionals with Advanced SEO Experience
    • Proven SEO Strategies and Tactics
    • Audits and Campaigns for any Budget
    • Customer Satisfaction and On Time Delivery- Guaranteed!

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Contact us today to get the world-class technical audit service

    Why Trust Globex for your Web Audit Needs?

    Our audits are performed by quality assurance professionals with enhanced knowledge on web and digital marketing, as well as SEO. They dedicate the time and energy necessary to conduct a full-scale audit on your website. The analytics you will receive are comprehensive, with actionable detail on how to improve in every area. We are a trustworthy, international company with many years of experience and a solid team of professional auditors. Your results will be delivered on-time and easy to understand, explaining how to improve in all areas of your site. This is our promise of dedication to each consumer that has an audit of their site executed by us.

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